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Online Sic Bo at Vegas Palms

Traditional Wagers and Payouts

There are many different types of bets that you can place in online Sic Bo games like our titles from Microgaming. The most common wager is a ‘Big’ bet, which is placed on a guess that the total of the dice roll will be between 11 and 17. You may also bet ‘Small’ by wagering that the total of the dice will fall between 4 and 10. Both of these bets pay out at a ratio of 1:1 in traditional Sic Bo.

You are also welcome to wager on a specific dice total anywhere between 4 and 17, or between 1 and 6. The latter bet will be paid out at 1:1 if successful on a single die, 2:1 if it is shown on two dice, and a handsome 21:1 should all three dice show the same lucky number. You can even bet on the outcomes of specific dice, pairs of matching numbers, and three of a kind sets, which pay out a whopping 180:1 should your prediction prove correct.

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Offering exotic gameplay and a unique take on traditional casino gaming, Sic Bo is an unusual choice that is only available at certain exclusive online casinos. To play real money Sic Bo online today, simply register your new player account at Vegas Palms Canada to receive full access to our online and mobile Sic Bo games from the world-leading studios of Microgaming.

Sic Bo is a simple online casino game that relies purely on chance, using a set of dice to determine a player’s outcomes. The idea behind this age-old casino game is for you to predict the combination the three dice in play will form next, and to place your wagers accordingly. If you can guess correctly, you will receive an instant payout when playing at Vegas Palms casino Canada.

The game of Sic Bo has long been popular at online casinos due to its vibrant themes and colours, its flexible betting structure, and its gameplay that is based purely on luck and involves very little skill. In an online game, you will ‘throw’ three virtual dice for a set of random results, which are determined by Random Number Generation technology. Wagers can be placed on the outcome of this roll, and the mystery surrounding each roll makes Sic Bo a game full of anticipation.

Sic Bo Origins and Modern Games

The origins of Sic Bo trace all the way back to the times of ancient China, with the name of the game translating to ‘dice bowl’ from Chinese. True to form, the earliest version of the game was played with a pair of dice which were shaken in a bowl before being thrown – a game which became known as ‘dai siu’ or ‘tai sai’ in Chinese.

Sic Bo games soon travelled to the West after being extremely well received among Chinese players, and it wasn’t long before online casino also started to adopt the title during the early 1990’s. Nowadays, players in Canada can play premium Sic Bo instantly from their desktops, mobile phones and tablets by signing up for a real money player account at a trusted online casino like Vegas Palms.